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Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

"UNLEASHED" is a collection of original works by Karolina Venter, featuring a variety of portraits, nudes, landscapes and sculptures. This striking, dramatic and extravagant exhibition will take you on a journey through stimulating colors, textures and dramatic brush strokes.

Techniques include oil paint, air brush, palette knife, stitch-work, mixed media, resin and more.

Available from 24th Aug until the 6th Sept 2020 in Gerringong, NSW.

The hanging process - A little time-lapse video of setting up the gallery

An insightful video of the creation of "Eywa", a 130 cm x 110 cm oil painting on linen. Karolina will share the story and the character of Eywa, the challenges and the techniques of painting her. Prints available on request.

In this video Karolina will talk about creating her first series of abstract landscapes, incorporating stitch-work and palette knife techniques.

83.5 cm x 124 cm, oil paint, stitch-work Belgian linen

Print available on request.

In this video Karolina is talking about the process and the inspiration of creating the "Night Visitor"

110 cm x 90 cm oil painting

Prints available on request

In this video Karolina talks about colors, techniques, tribal patterns and inspirations.

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: H100 x W80 cm

Style: Contemporary Figurative, Nude

Prints available on request

Karolina is talking about the creation of the "Old Man, Old Land', including the character, the tattooed skin and the techniques.

The hero of my painting is a quintessential Aussie man. The stubborn bastard. The freak. The weirdo. The odd one.

107 cm x 125 cm , oil paint on marine-ply

Prints available on request.

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