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I was born in Hungary and moved to Australia in my early 20s. I’ve been creating artworks for as long as I can remember as it has always brought me a sense of calm and release.

During the past few years, I’ve been exploring with landscapes, portraits and sculptures. 9 times out of 10 I will choose oils over acrylics but lately, I’ve gotten into restoring old surfboards and finishing them off with sprays ranging from psychedelic outer space waves to sexy Japanese geishas. Airbrushing surfboards has been so much fun that I applied my air gun to make murals, portraits, landscapes and fantasy visionary artworks. Experimenting across styles and mediums, learning new techniques and ways of expressions are the key elements to my process.

Having just moved down to Kiama from Sydney, my partner and I have spent some time re-purposing pallets and other pre-loved wares to decorate our home. I am living the dream here by the ocean as I am able to immerse myself in nature and create freely.

Thank you again for checking out my pieces and I hope that my creations can add some funk to your world. 

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